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  • Yondarli Household Mold Remover Gel, Grout Cleaner for Washing Machine Strips

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    • Quick and Power: Mold Remover Gel is the ideal solution to tough mold. You just take 5 minutes to apply the mold removal gel and 3-8 hours to wait for it, you can clean black mold on every corner in the house. And its gel type will not flow down on vertical and inclined surfaces which can provide long-term acting.
    • Wide Range of Use: Mold in many scenes can be removed by our mold remover cleaning gel. For example, it can be used in washing machine strips whose surface has some mold. Besides, it suits refrigerator silicone strips, gaps around the toilet bowls and stainless steel sinks, window frame gaps, tile gaps, and so on.
    • Fast Acting & Effective: The longer the action time, the better the effect of the product. After applying the gel, covering a layer of cling wrap on the surface, the gel can produce a better effect.
    • Easy to Use: Dry the area which has mold, and unscrew the cap of our mold remover gel. Then install the white tip by rotating inward and squeeze this cleaning gel evenly in need of mold removal place.

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