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  • Jolie Finishing Wax – Protective topcoat Paint Odor-Free, Non-Hazardous Clear – 120 ml

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    • Premium Chalk Finish Paint Wax – Odorless, non-hazardous, and water-resistant sealing wax; available in a variety of colors
    • Soft consistency and easy to apply: highlight texture and moldings and create custom finishes
    • Creates a durable matte (flat) finish or it can be buffed to add a subtle sheen
    • Apply to painted surface or directly on raw wood with a Jolie Wax Brush
    • For best results, always apply Clear Finishing Wax to your piece before applying colored Finishing Waxes
    • To purchase Jolie Paint for your project, search ASIN B09JHM8NT4 in Amazon search bar. Jolie Paint works beautifully with the Jolie Finishing Waxes.
    • Use a clean, absorbent, lint-free cloth to remove the excess wax. Use gentle pressure and be sure to keep turning the cloth to a clean spot so that it can continue to remove the excess wax rather than simply move it around on your surface.
    • On surfaces that may need added protection, such as table tops or cabinets, wait at least 8 hours before applying a second thin coat of Clear Finishing Wax.

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