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    Schaaf Wood Carving Tools 12oz Small Wooden Mallet | Ergonomic Wood Mallet

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    • Everyday Wood Mallet – Versatile 12oz wood mallet for full-size wood carving gouges and chisels. Handy for jointing, perfect for chisel-cut dovetails and mortise and tenons.
    • Work Better – A comfortable handle and excellent ergonomics keep your hand from getting fatigued, so you can work longer and more effectively. Benefit form better balance and control than a conventional
    • Protect Your Tools – Shock Absorbent urethane striking head absorbs punishment to protect your tools so they last longer. Urethane material also greatly decreases noise while working, unlike rubber mallet.
    • Precision and Accuracy – Designed for easier control. Mortises come out clean. Chisel and gouge strikes are accurate. Excellent balance and increased striking surface area help achieve a precise blow, time and time again.
    • Schaaf Tools Brand – Schaaf Tools has been endorsed by Woodcarving Illustrated, and master carvers, including Joe Dillett, Madcarver, Alexander Grabovetskiy among others, so you know what you’re getting with every purchase. We stand behind our tools.

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