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  • PREXISO Wood Moisture Meter – 7 in 1Digital Moisture Meter (Pack of 1)

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    • Accurate Pin-Type Measurement: Designed with 2 high precision pins. For an accurate test read, stick the stainless steel pins into the surface of what you’re measuring. penetrate into the test surface and quickly know the moisture level in your walls, Remove all of the guesswork with this moisture detector
    • Multifunctional Measurement: This moisture detector with 4 measurement modes: Single point measurement, Multi-point average measurement, Maximum and minimum measurement; And you can also measure the temperature and humidity of the environment
    • Simple To Use: 2 sharp pins with probe cover effectively get the job done without risk of hurting you; Color backlit LCD screen with hold function quickly read measurement data; Temperature in C/F display and automatic power-off without operation. This moisture tester has sturdy, hand-friendly shape and rubber side grips let you take multiple measurements in comfort
    • 7 in 1 Calibration For Pinpoint Accuracy: This firewood moisture meter features 7 calibration scales, so you can test multiple types of softwood, hardwood, building materials moisture content ranging from 0% to 57%
    • PREXISO wood moisture detector is a great tool for manufacturers, flooring installers, inspectors, and lumber suppliers to easily check %MC (Moisture Content) before purchasing or using expensive lumber and hardwoods and avoid cracks, splits, warping. The moisture contents of wood products such as hardwood flooring, cabinets, furniture, lumber, slats, beams, plywood, paneling, conglomerates, window frames, forestry wood, rolled products, building materials and more can be measured
  • PREXISO Laser Measure, 265Ft Rechargeable Laser Distance Meter with Multi-Measurement Units

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    • 【MULTIPLE MEASUREMENT FEATURES】There are 6 laser measure modes, including single measurement, continuous measurement (with Min/Max function), area/ volume measurement and Pythagoras Measurement. Three measure reference points to choose from. TIPS: Pay attention to the measurement reference point while measuring
    • 【RECHARGEABLE BATTERY】Digital laser measure equipped with Li-ion rechargeable battery and USB charging(comes with a USB cable), you don’t need to replace batteries frequently, more environmental. 3-5 hours long battery lasting. Device will automatically shutdown without operation 120s, more energy-saving. Class II laser product, output < 1mW
    • 【WIDE APPLICATION】This Laser Distance Measure with measuring range ups to 265 feet, with large backlight screen and bubble levels to meet your regular measuring need, ideal for home, construction and industries. Accuracy: ±1/8 inch; Press the UNIT button to switch units among M/In/Ft freely

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