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  • Chemical Guys ACC_300_2 W Large Tire Dressing Applicator Pad, Pack of 2

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    • ENSURE 100% COVERAGE – Normal foam applicators have smooth surfaces that cannot reach into textured rubber or plastic; the Durafoam Applicator Pad uses the Wonder Wave design to push dressing into every peak and valley on every scrubbing pass for 100% even coverage.
    • EVERY NOOK & CRANNY – The unique laser-cut zig-zags act like soft squeegee blades to push dressings and protectants into every nook and cranny from every angle with each swipe
    • EXTERIOR & INTERIOR USE – Use the Durafoam Pad to spread a thin, even layer of your favorite Chemical Guys dressing on rubber tires, plastic trim, vinyl door panels, and leather upholstery.
    • PREVENT MESSY DRIPS – The dense foam and unique Wonder Wave design hold spray dressings and creams on the applicator, and prevents messy drips and runs while spreading product over the surface evenly and efficiently

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