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  • Dan&Darci Arts & Crafts Supplies Kit for Kids and Toddlers

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    • UNLEASH & SPARK YOUR CREATIVITY: Your complete arts and crafts supply bin with over 500 pieces of art & craft supplies for kids to create and craft. Packaged and stored in a beautiful storage bin.
    • PREMIUM VALUE: Kit includes: Pipe cleaners (standard, striped, and wavy), pom poms (standard and spiky), pop sticks (multi-colored standard and slotted), googly eyes, sequins, spin pins, beads, felt strips, colored papers, rhinestones, feathers, scissors, glue, and a storage bin with dividers.
    • CONVENIENT BIN: Includes beautiful and compact storage with customizable dividers to easily store all your craft supplies.
    • ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES: Make jewelry by adding beads to pipe cleaners. A windcatcher by gluing sticks together into a shape, decorating them, and then tying beads to hang down. Using as many different supplies as possible, make the world’s strangest-looking monster. Create an animal that’s a mix of animals … the feathers of a bird, a tail like a monkey, and a trunk of an elephant. You get the idea… the possibilities are endless with this mega craft bin!

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