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  • LIT-PaTH Rechargeable LED Camping Lighting Fixture Camping Lantern, 2-Pack

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    • MULTIPLE FUNCTION: (1) LED Flashlight and Camping Light: The Camping Lantern can be switched between flashlight mode and camping light mode. (2) Worked as night light (3) Built-in 1800 mAh power bank for phone (4) Built-in magnet for the place where there is no hook.
    • MULTIPLE MODES: (1) LED Flashlight has 3 modes: strong, middle and low; (2) Camping light has 4 modes: strong, low, warning and SOS.
    • POWER BANK: Built-in 1800 mAh power bank and rechargeable. It can charge your phone, ipod, ipad via USB cable in emergency.
    • PORTABLE: Ultra-light weight and small LED lantern with portable hook, easy to carry out. Dimension: 2.72*2.72*1.62 inches, weigh: 3.17oz.
    • DURABLE USAGE: (1) The LED flashlight could last 24 hours at low brightness mode, 12 hours at middle brightness mode and 5 hours at high brightness mode. No need to carry batteries any more. (2) The LED camping light could last 18 hours at low brightness mode and 3 hours at high brightness mode. (3) Rechargeable for more than 500 times. (4) Anticorrosive material

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