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  • Bates Choice – Drywall Repair Kit, 16pcs, Dry Wall Patch Kits

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    • Package includes 12 pieces of drywall repair patch in three different sizes (8 pieces of 4-inch, 2 pieces of 6-inch and 2 pieces of 8-inch), 2 pieces of sandpaper (240 grit), and 2 plastic scrapers.
    • Bates drywall repair patches are made from quality aluminum, making them lightweight yet strong and durable for long-lasting performance.
    • The self-adhesive backing makes it easy to apply the patch to the wall, ensuring good adhesion to nearly any kind of surface.
    • Bates wall repair patch is suitable for repairing most damaged surfaces around the home, kitchen, or office building, as well as factories and other industrial facilities.
    • To use this product effectively, first clean and dry out the hole you want to patch before peeling back the backing and applying the drywall patch. Evenly spread out plaster with a scraper afterwards for a more seamless look.

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