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    Refresh Your Car! 84941 New Car Scent Scented Gel Air Freshener, 4.5 oz, 4 Pack

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    Eliminate orders in your car with the new Gel Can products from Refresh Your Car. Each Gel Can lasts up to 30 days and creates a pleasant smelling vehicle for you and your passengers. This value pack contains 6 packs of scented Vent Sticks in your favorite fragrance.

    • 4.5oz gel can
    • A powerful fragrance experience in a discreet and easily hidden container
    • Water-based gel can with scent control lids
    • Scent control with the innovative pop-top lid
    • New Car scent
  • Car Air Freshener, Odor Eliminator, Set of 6 Auto Vent Sticks, Hawaiian Sunrise Scent

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    Use your car’s climate control system to dispense long-lasting fragrance with this scented vent stick from Refresh Your Car! Simply attach a vent stick to any vent in your vehicle—the fragrance fills your cabin automatically when the climate control system is turned on. Refresh Your Car! auto air-fresheners are an affordable and easy-to-use solution for freshening up the atmosphere of your car, truck, or van.

    • An affordable and easy-to-use approach to adding incomparable scents to your car
    • Simply attach to any vent in your vehicle
    • Use your car’s own air system to dispense amazing scents
    • 6-Pack of Refresh vent sticks
    • Hawaiian Sunrise scent

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